ForexLive Asia FX news wrap: EUR, GBP show strength

Forex news for Asia trading on
October 2021

and GBP/USD both moved higher by a decent amount (for the Asian
timezone) during the session while USD/JPY dribbled 25 or so points
to the downside. CAD, AUD and NZD all underperformed compared with
EUR, GBP and yen.

markets in China saw drops on the session which contributed
to the weakness for these three. Coal had gained earlier on further supply concerns (floods shutting some
mines) but this strength has since reversed. Iron ore and other
metals dropped. China’s Customs bureau flagged concerns over Q4
trade growth which was a factor in the declines (but it began prior
to these).

US debt limit raising vote passed through the US House, as was
expected (the Democrats majority ensured this) after passing the US
Senate late last week. 

Still to come ahead:

And, still come but further ahead:


Forex news for Asia trading onWednesday13October 2021

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